Coffee Dates {Losing the Spark}

This series "coffee dates" is documenting intentional time of knowing our kids.

In all relationships, sometimes, you lose the spark. The feelings are there, but the excitement just feels gone. Sometimes, you have to fight to get it back. You throw on some lipstick and your fanciest dress. You take a dance class together. You go on a cruise. 

The last few months have been hectic for our family. Our days have become one big run-on sentence of packing lunches, checking homework, and putting chicken in the crockpot. Our dinner table conversations have gone from telling lively stories and swapping knock knock jokes to talking about math quizzes and giving reminders about snack schedules and field trips. It sometimes feels like we've lost our spark. 

This past week, we took our oldest out of school for two days (so thankful for those educational days off waivers!). We packed up our minivan and made a trip to visit the grandparents. We played car games and ate too many snacks. We spent a whole day together at a botanical garden with no interruptions of work or school. Big brother gave little sister a lesson on the parts of a flower. The kids rolled down giant hills while mama and daddy laid in a sunny spot on the grass. We spent a whole morning lingering at a hip coffee shop sipping coffee and chocolate milks. We enjoyed meals out and taught some of our servers our favorite games.

It was a whirlwind two days. We came back to piles of laundry and unchecked email. Everyone sacrificed a little sleep. But it was worth it. I think we came back with our spark lit up again.