Raise Good Humans {New Print}

Every time I am sitting in rush hour traffic, I come across a kind stranger who lets me over into their lane. I can't help but think, "What a good human, looking out for the good of others even when they are in a hurry themselves." 

I can't guarantee that my children grow up to be "good" and thankfully, their goodness isn't dependent on my parenting. I can give them my best and there is still a chance they will grow up to make decisions that break my heart. Even my best efforts at parenting are sometimes filled with selfishness and pride. The best parents have bad days. And bad decisions can come from "good" homes.  

Even though I can't control how they turn out, I can guide my children toward the light. I can give them opportunities to practice generosity. I can model kindness to them, especially when it's the last thing I want to give. I can help them develop patience, even though giving in is much more convenient. I can push through with the hard follow through of discipline, even when it brings tears. I can admit my mistakes and ask them for forgiveness. I can extend grace when it's least deserved. 

Let's do our best to raise good humans. And let's breath a big sigh of relief knowing that it's not up to us. 

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