Supper Time Stories {Taco Night}

Sometimes, getting through dinner is hard. Someone needs a glass of water. Someone spilled their milk. Someone doesn't like what's on the menu. This series is to share stories from around our table, even when it's sticky and covered in shredded cheese. 

Taco night has become a weekly (sometimes, twice weekly) ritual in our home. We make a big pot of taco meat and fill our tortillas with homemade salsa and fresh guac. Sloane always shreds the cheese while Scouts sets the table. Max fills the water glasses and we all pass the chips. 

Taco night isn't always the healthiest. There are many more meals that are filled with more veggies. But everyone is thrilled when we announce that tacos are on the menu. There are always moments of quiet while we fill our bellies. Mama and daddy always clank a beer and the kids always sneak handfulls of cheese when we aren't looking. 

Taco night is our go to when we've had a good day. It's also the redemption we need when our day could have been better. I hope our kids have fond memories of taco night when they are grown. And I sure hope they carry on the homemade salsa tradition with their own families one day.