ABCs and a Clear Surface

Pictures on the internet can be very deceiving. Blankets tossed across couches to look perfectly tousled. Meticulously curated vignettes with art prints on dust free surfaces. An adorably messy bedroom with wooden toys and stuffed animals placed just so. No sight of plastic monstrosities in sight. No laundry piles. No sink full of crusty breakfast dishes. 

Next time you scroll past that lovely little square, try to imagine the other side of the camera. Think of the plastic toys that didn't meet the aesthetic of the feed. Think of the piles of dirty clothes and mismatched socks that were pushed out of the way. Imagine the peanut butter sandwich one kid is eating in protest to the organic feast being showcased in the photo. Remember that real life is alot messier than pictures often portray. 

(New ABC print is available in the shop via Etsy.)