{Coffee Dates} My Mama's Girl

This series "coffee dates" is documenting intentional time of knowing our kids. Today, I'm talking about a coffee date with my "mama's girl". 

My oldest daughter is the only one of my three children that calls me mama. She is strong willed and feisty, but a mama's girl through and through. Honestly, it can sometimes feel suffocating and overwhelming for another person to want to cling so closely all the time. A few times a week, I try to sneak away to work or read at a coffee shop. If Sloane sees me packing my bag, she asks if she can go work with me. My first reaction is to protect my time and give her an immediate "no". But I've been making an effort to say yes and let her tag along more often.

A few weeks ago, I packed up my laptop and a few Etsy orders and my girl packed her notebook and crayons. I ordered a coffee and my girl ordered a large chocolate chip cookie (and lovingly offered me the last bite). As we sat and worked, it wasn't quite and peaceful like my usual coffee shop sessions. My girl talked and talked and then talked some more. And just when I thought it would be impossible for her to have anything left to say, she talked some more. In the few minutes when it got quiet, I looked across the table and saw this mama's girl concentrating so hard on the work she has brought. I was working on a lettering project on that particular afternoon and noticed that she was practicing the letters she knew. As I looked at her paper, I noticed she was putting curly ends on her letters, mimicking what I was doing. After about an hour and a half, as we were packing up our bags, the subject of different jobs and careers came up. When I asked her what she wanted to be when she grows up, she replied, "An artist and a teacher, just like you, mama."