{Documenting Dreams} Get Away from My Eggs

Scary dreams seem to get alot of attention. They are always the ones that wake us up and the ones we remember most vividly. In hopes of highlighting some good dreams, I thought I would document some of my kids' best dreams in short story form. Write down your kids' dreams. You and your children might appreciate reading through them one day. 

Max was so excited about the first day of summer. As soon as his mother parked their van at the park, Max jumped out, ready for a picnic lunch and a ride on his bike. He hoped he had enough sandwich to feed the leftovers to the ducks. "Not so fast, Max," his mom said. "We have to get our lunches and the blanket for our picnic." Max's little sisters hopped out of the van carrying the picnic blanket. 

Everyone walked down to the duck pond and spread their blanket out on a perfect spot in the grass. Mom passed out the lunches. Max's sisters pulled their peanut butter sandwiches out and began eating. Max opened his lunch box, expecting a nice, room temperature peanut butter sandwich. What he found was a bit of a surprise-a plate of scrambled eggs. "Mom, where's my sandwich?" Max asked his mother. "Oh, sweetie, I was out of bread, so I thought you would like a plate of eggs." Confused as he was, Max picked up his fork and began eating. The eggs were still warm, despite the long car ride to the park. The eggs were delicious. Max looked up from his plate of scrambled eggs and noticed the ducks. There were geese swimming in the pond and searching the picnic area for leftover sandwiches. Max noticed one of the mallards walking toward him. He took another bite of his eggs and heard a very loud honk. There were two geese waddling behind the mallard. Max looked over the see if his mom and sisters noticed how close the geese were getting. He continued eating his eggs. They were so delicious. Why weren't there always scrambled eggs served at picnics? 

Max looked up again and a goose was right next to the picnic blanket. This startled Max and he jumped, nearly spilling his eggs. His mom and sisters continued eating their sandwiches. Why didn't they look worried about all the approaching geese. "Mom?" Max shouted, pointing to at least ten more geese waddling toward their blanket. "It's ok, sweetie. The geese are just curious."

Max nervously took a bite of his scrambled eggs and then he heard it. "Eggs!" a goose honked. "Did that goose just honk 'eggs'?" Max said. "Oh, sweetie, don't be silly," his mother assured him. Max picked up his fork and heard it again. "Eggs!" honked another goose. At least twenty more geese were waddling toward their picnic blanket. "Oh, dear," Max's mother said. "I believe the geese think you are eating their eggs, sweetie."