Intentional Summer Fun

Usually, I'm not a mom with a plan. Most days, I just have "fun with kids" on my to do list as a mental reminder that the day is for them, too, not just my to do list. Depending on the weather, our collective mood and a million other variables that always come up, fun can look different each day. Some days, fun is reading in our pajamas at home. Other days, it's a full day at the park, exploring trails and eating a picnic lunch. The type B in me says that planned fun equals forced fun. Since I was a kid, I've pushed away at any kind of forced fun (I'm looking at you, mandatory kickball at recess). 

But as I get older, life gets fuller. Responsibilities get heavier and it gets easier to push fun to the back burner. "Fun with the kids" can get shoved to the bottom of the list that always seems to be growing. So instead of "planned" summer fun, I want intentional summer fun. I don't need another check list of things I need to do to be fun mom this summer, but I do need a few goals to work toward to make sure some intentional fun happens. As much as I always push away from checklists, I always feel so inspired to be more intentional as I see these "summer bucket lists" popping up all over the internet. I decided to come up with a rough list of things I want to do to have a more intentional summer with the kids. 

  • Camp in the back yard
  • Finish a basement art space with the kids
  • Pick blueberries
  • Can tomatoes 
  • Fancy family date night
  • See a movie at the drive in
  • Visit the St. Louis Zoo
  • Swim in a creek 
  • Host a neighborhood block party

This is a running list that things will probably be added to as the summer moves along. I'm positive that not everything will get finished and some things will probably be utter failures (canning tomatoes is looking good for that). So I hope you don't see this list as another check list of things you have to do to be the fun mom this summer because we all know there is enough pressure to be all sorts of moms (fun mom, crunchy mom, educator mom, organized mom...the list could go on forever). Instead, I hope it sparks a little inspiration to have some intentional fun with your little peeps.