Displaying Art Work

I love encouraging my kids in their creativity. I love the paint spots that stain my kitchen table and the rainbow of colors that shade my children's fingertips. I often boast of being the carefree, laid back mom who encourages creative messes. I don't mind wiping down the surfaces and picking up the tiniest pieces of paper that drop to the floor during a project. But do you know what I do not love? Clutter. I know it sounds crazy and opposite, but piles drive me bananas. I don't mind big messes, but I can't sleep if they aren't tidied up at the end of the day.  I value my kids' creative process, but I do not always value hanging on to what they create. The recycling bin is often my method of storage when it comes to my kids' art. 

A few months ago, at our previous home, my daughter made a series of beautiful watercolor paintings. She worked so hard on them and was so proud of the way they turned out. I just couldn't bare to get rid of them. I used some colorful washi tape and made a little gallery wall in our living room during nap time. When she came out and saw her art on display, she was so happy. For the next few weeks, she made sure to show everyone who came in to our home her pieces. She told them about the time it took and the colors she used. The pride she took in seeing her art displayed in her own home for everyone to see was so satisfying. 

In my quest for a tidy home, I want to remember what my kids value. I want to create a space that they love. I want them to be proud when we have company in to our home. And as I make my way to the recycling bin, I want to remember that it's not just my home I'm tidying, it's theirs, too. 

While I love using washi tape because it's affordable and temporary, I thought I would share some ideas across the interwebs for displaying kids' artwork in a way that's beautiful.