{Documenting Dreams} Squirrel Dinner

Scary dreams seem to get alot of attention. They are always the ones that wake us up and the ones we remember most vividly. In hopes of highlighting some good dreams, I thought I would document some of my kids' funniest dreams in short story form. Write down your kids' dreams. You and your children might appreciate reading through them one day. 

The sun began peeking through the trees and into Sloane's bedroom window. She stretched and her hands hit the ceiling (you see, Sloane slept on the top bunk). She could hear birds chirping and wondered how many nests were in the large oak tree outside her bedroom window. It was such a big tree...it could be a bird apartment complex. 

As she climbed down from her bunk, she looked out her window and saw something very strange. Sitting on her windowsill was a squirrel. Now, this wasn't strange in itself. But in the squirrels small paws were what looked to be a tiny wooden fork and a tiny wooden knife. Sloane was confused. Where did the squirrel get the fork and knife? Did he make them? Did someone give them to him?

She climbed down from the ladder and inched closer to the window. As she got closer, she could see the squirrel using the small fork and knife to cut up what looked to be a peanut butter sandwich. The sandwich made her even more confused. Did the squirrel make the sandwich himself? Did he steal the sandwich from someone's lunchbox? 

Sloane took a few steps closer to investigate the squirrel. She watched him take his tiny fork and knife and carefully cut his sandwich into pieces. As he was about to eat the last bite, he finally caught Sloane watching him. He put the bite in his mouth, burped a very big burp and scurried away.