Let Her Pick the Flowers

Two years olds always seem to move at the speed of lightning. Within just a few seconds, my spunky girl can go from being within arms reach to being half way across the Costco parking lot. 

But despite her lightning speed, I'm always rushing her. The words "hurry up" are always coming out of my mouth. No matter how much speed she has when running away from me, she can never seem to go fast enough when we are walking through a parking lot or making a quick run to the grocery store. 

Do you know what my biggest dread has become? Flowers. If there are flowers between where we are and where we are going, that girl is going to stop and pick them. She is going to squat down and inspect every colorful detail and every silky petal. She is going smell each flower and create a beautiful boquet for me. And every time, my first reaction is "Come on!". 

I often forget the wonder she experiences when she sees something so intricate and beautiful when all I can sometimes see is a weed. I've had almost thirty years on this planet and somewhere along the way, flowers lost their luster. But not to her. To her, everything that catches her eye is new and enticing. 

So I'm going to try and slow down. I'm going to try to go at her pace more often. I'm not going to rush her when she is absorbing all the beautiful, intricate details around her. I'm going to let her pick all the flowers she wants. Because one day, when she's a busy thirty year old woman, that wonder won't come so naturally.