Quill Pens and Presidents

My oldest is a funny guy. He is a rule follower and can be, at times, a little weird. He has several eccentricities and a diverse group of interests. These interests rotate frequently, but when he finds something that intrigues him, he dives right in. 

His current obsession is history. He loves learning about presidents and historical figures. We took him to Abraham Lincoln's birthplace a few weeks ago and he was as excited as a 13 year old at a Jonas Brothers concert. We've built a cookie White House, we've spent afternoons wading through creeks in search of arrowheads, and we've watched snippets of presidential biographies on YouTube. 

A few months ago, we went to a heritage festival at a local park. It was filled with men and women who brought colonial times to life. There were silversmiths, musicians and a lady making mincemeat pies. One of the tents had quills pens and ink wells for people to write with. Ever since, Max has been asking for a quill pen. 

On a picnic a few weeks ago, he found a large goose feather. His (loving, wonderful) dad sharpened the tip of the feather and made Max his own quill pen. He has been having so much fun dipping his pen in the bottle of ink and writing letters for his grandparents. I'm so thankful for my boy and his wide range of interests.