Staying with Good Stories

Confession: some weeks, our children get much more screen time that we'd like. We are a television free family, but that doesn't stop us from handing over a Netflix loaded screen whenever we can. 

One of our biggest goals as a family is to read more together. Maybe it's the darker, longer evenings that have given me the urge to sit with a blanket and a good story. Maybe it's those pesky "read for twenty minutes" homework reminders my second grader is already coming home with. I remember reading with my mom almost every night before bed when I was a child. I want those memories for my own kids. I want them to have strong, deep memories of reading together as a family. And not just short picture books. I want to dive deeply in to good stories with my kids and stay with those stories for the long haul. I want them to feel the anticipation as we close one chapter and wait to pick it back up the next evening. I want my kids to fall asleep hearing words from Mark Twain and JK Rowling. I want words like "thither" and "kindly" to be part of their vocabulary. 

The fall always brings a busy season, but something about reading in the evenings makes life feel a little slower. Last fall, we read through most of the Hobbit with our oldest. We've read portions on The Chronicles of Narnia and bit of Harry Potter together. One of our favorites this year has been Pax by Sara Pennypacker.  But something about the summer slowed down our evening reading. This fall, my biggest goal is to finish The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe and start Stuart Little. 

What are you reading with your kids? What were your favorite books from your own childhood?