Late Summer Sunshine

I've truly never been a summer girl, but something about late August gets me. The trees are at their fullest and the sky always seems to be the bluest blue. One of my favorite sounds in the world is cicadas. So many late August memories flood my mind when I hear their symphonies in the trees this time of year. My kids' birthdays are in August, September and October, so something about this time of year takes me back to my son's first days and the anticipation for my daughters' arrivals. 

There is a rose garden on a college campus in our city. It's one of our favorite places. Sometimes, after dinner, we make a trip to the rose garden. The kids play while mom and dad catch up. This week, we made one of our last after dinner trips to the rose garden of the year. Soon, the sun will set as we eat dinner and the evenings will be longer and colder. 

This August, we are settling in to new rhythms. We have said goodbye to summer and are awaiting the cooler air of fall. Our evenings are spent eating late dinners and chasing the sunlight to get just a few extra minutes of daylight on our evening walks. Soon, the sun will set earlier than we want. Our evenings will be consumed with homework and reading and a flurry of activity. So for now, we are going to enjoy our late August evenings. We are going to take joy in the easy homework load that the beginning of the school year brings. We are going to go to the park after dinner and eat ice cream on as many week nights as we can.