Little Letters

My kids love mail. A friend recently subscribed each of them to highlights magazine and they are thrilled each month when there is something just for them in the mailbox. When you aren't getting bills, mail is pretty exciting! 

They also love sending mail. They are always asking if they can send a letter or a package when I drop something off at the post office. I usually brush it off with a "not today, but someday." But that one day never seems to come. I want to encourage my kids to be kind and send all kinds of greetings via mail-birthday cards, thank you cards, just because notes. I also need to encourage them by being an example and send some more mail myself. Over the weekend, my girl made a card to mail to her grandma. She spent a good hour adding details and putting so much thought in to each color she chose to go on to her card. 

I created this children's stationery to make it easier. These extra large cards are full of space on the front and inside for artwork and that extra large kiddo handwriting. The envelopes are equally huge, leaving plenty of room for older children to address the envelope and younger children to add in some flair. These are also perfect for older children-the idea of a penpal was so much fun when I was around 10. I would have loved to have my own stationery to send friends cards. They are available here on the site or via the Etsy shop