Staying with Good Stories (Stuart Little)

I posted our fall family reading goals a few months back. Something about the chill in the evening air makes me want to dive deeply into good stories with the kids. Family movie nights have become a fun part of our family rhythm, but I want books to be more enticing to the kids than the Minions and a cheese pizza. 

Last weekend, we started reading Stuart Little. Most of our reading decisions are based on Max's interests. Sloane will sit and listen for a bit, but listening to stories isn't something she has ever been willing to do for more than a few pages. When given the choice, she prefers looking at the pictures of a Barbie princess book over sitting and listening to any story.

We began reading Stuart Little at the library the day we checked it out and we sat for three chapters before we needed to leave (our local library allows you to read off late fees at the library! $2 per 15 per kid!). She fell in love with this little boy who curiously resembles a mouse. It has been so much fun holding her hand while we journey with the Little family and the adventures of their tiny Stuart. I hope this is the beginning of a love for good stories for my spunky girl.