Following Along (Biographies)

Since our oldest was a baby, we've prided ourselves with being a fun family. We've gone on adventures and made evening trips to the park a regular occurrence. We've visited zoos and aquariums and historical sites with the kids. We've tried to refine their palettes and their manners by taking them to decent restaurants. Up until the past few months, finding our family at home would be a rare occurrence. Busy, ever changing schedules have put a halt on our go go going for a season. Some evenings, I feel too exhausted to do anything more than turn on an episode of Curious George. 

Right now, Max's biggest interest is in history. Over the summer, we visited Abraham Lincoln's birthplace and a local history museum. We made trips to Civil War sites and heritage festivals. We took roadtrips and listened to podcasts on Teddy Roosevelt. But during this busy school year, things like that just aren't going to happen regularly. Rather than give up or feel immersed with guilt, I've tried to find ways to engage his interests where we are in this season of our life.  

For his birthday, Max received several presidential biographies. He was thrilled! We've been reading through George Washington's biography over the past two weeks. Each evening, after his sisters are tucked in their beds, we read one chapter. He in so engaged with the story. I love that he wants to read stories about so many men of character. He is learning about the courage, intelligence and flaws of great men. 

One chapter takes ten minutes of our evening. He could read these chapters on his own with no problem. But there is something so simple and sweet about those ten minutes. Sure, it isn't a trip to a museum. But we are together and he is pursuing something he really enjoys. And that's the point of all the parks and restaurants and museums, right? To enjoy and learn together.