Mini Masterpieces

One of my biggest obsessions since kindergarten has been office supplies. My heart skips a beat when the back aisles of Target fill up with highlighters and binders and markers. Even before my kids were in school, I would grab notebooks, index cards and pencils. Something about blank notebooks and a fresh pack of crayons is so inspiring. The idea of a bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils truly makes my heart melt. 

Sometimes, these supplies sit unopened in a stack. I use the notebooks and end up passing the crayons on to my kids. One thing that always sits unopened is unruled index cards. I always see them and feel instantly inspired to create something on these tiny, blank canvases. But recently, my daughter inspired me to open the packages. 

My girls loves to paint. She thoughtfully picks out the colors she wants to use. She puts so much care in to each stroke of her paint brush. She will paint for what seems like hours and will go through stacks of watercolor paper. 

These unruled index cards have been perfect. They hold up well to watercolors and markers and the size is just perfect (for kids, go SMALL. Large pieces of paper can be so overwhelming for little hands). A cluster of these mini masterpieces looks so cute and uniform displayed with washi tape. AND you'll only be out .90!