Their Home, too

In May, we moved in to our home. This 1940s charmer with an old growth oak tree in the front yard and whitewashed floorboards in the master bedroom. It was the first time we had lived in a home that wasn't connected to someone else's in 5 years. And during those five years of apartment living, I did my best to avoid thinking about forever homes. I refrained from creating dream home pinterest boards or even glancing at furniture that wouldn't fit in our 875 square feet. I would sometimes zone out when friends would discuss remodels and rug shopping for their newly purchased houses. I was always happy for them, but I never wanted to go a place where I found myself discontent with our small living quarters. 

After five years of beige carpet and boxy space, I was finally able to do a little day dreaming. I knew exactly how I wanted to fill this new home of ours. I had visions of pops of color and interesting textures. I began filling Pinterest boards with airy photos of white space and plants.

But do you know what kind of photos I was not pinning? Photos of dirty socks strewn across living rooms and tablescapes with half eaten peanut butter sandwiches in the middle. Kids can really cramp a modern boho Pinterest board, can't they? 

More than I want to dive in and create the home I've been waiting five years for, I want a home that belongs to all of us. It's not just a grown up space with bedrooms for the kids. They deserve to be surrounded by things they think are beautiful, not just their mom's idea of beauty. They deserve to take their shoes off after a long day and feel comforted, not feel afraid they will get something dirty. This place is their home, too. 

Does this mean I want primary colored toys everywhere? Nope. Does it mean the living room becomes their playroom? Nope. But for me, it does mean I think about them when I make decisions about our home. What kind of art do they find beautiful? How can I make their routines at home comforting and special? If I buy this thing that I love and adore and my kids wreck it (by being kids), will I be devastated and angry with them? 

Sure, my home might be alot cleaner and better curated if it weren't for these little people of mine. I might even have a little more money to buy furniture that isn't second hand. But my home sure would be missing the color and joy that these little people bring in to it every day.