Coffee Dates {Saturday Night Lights}

This series "coffee dates" is documenting intentional time of knowing our kids.

Saturday nights have a certain romance attached to them. Date nights, dancing, and strolls through the city all seem like things that naturally happen on a Saturday night. But kids can squash glitzy visions of a Saturday night, can't they? Nights out mean dinner at 5 and an evening in means watching Vin Diesel portray a Navy Seal turned babysitter in the edge of your seat thriller The Pacifier. 

This weekend, we had a low bar set for our Saturday evening. We set our sights on the playground and a trip to Trader Joe's. What we got ended up being a pretty magical night out. We stopped at our favorite coffee shop and got coffees and hot chocolates. On our walk to the playground, we happened upon a group of musicians playing Irish tunes (we also strolled through the same neighborhood hosting a St. Patrick's Day pub crawl. Streets full of loud drunk people made hanging out with three small children look really appealing). We slowed down to listen to the music and talk about the instruments. Scout asked to pet every single dog we passed on the street. After the playground, we took the long way back to our van to pass the musicians one more time. We listened to the bass and the violin and the guitars as the sun was setting for the day. Everything turned orange and the sky was lit up with bright pink. 

Street parking is a nightmare with three kids. It's almost dark. There are too many people. Let's just go home. These are all things that I found myself thinking as we drove to the park that evening. If I had given in to those thoughts and chose the easy thing, we would have gone home and missed out on a truly wonderful evening. Saturday nights with kids aren't always easy, but they can be really fun.