Their Home, too (Little Evidence)

Surely I'm not the only parent that feels as if I am perpetually picking up our home. There is always a mess on the kitchen table that looks like one kid started an art project and another made a peanut butter sandwich, but neither cleaned up. No matter what we do, our home seems to be in the same messy state. I've tried the one touch rule (pick up an item and take it straight to it's designated spot). We've tried big family cleanups at the end of each day. But somehow, there are still legos to be stepped on and stacks of artwork left abandoned. 

I'm usually frustrated when I see their things lying around after I've just spent an hour tidying up. Why can't the house stay clutter free for one day? Why can't they keep their crap in their room? Why can't they put their shoes in the basket just once?!

But I'm thankful for the evidence that they live here. I often think of this as my home where I'm surrounded by my things. I need the little reminders that it's their home, too.